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October 2014



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Oct. 20th, 2014

Dear Yuletide Writer 2014

Dear Writer,

Greetings and salutations! First off, thank you in advance. If you're reading this, chances are you have awesome taste in movies, so congrats. I read a lot of different types of fic, but I do have some tropes and qualities I particularly enjoy. They are as follows:

  • Character studies

  • Angst/sadness/pain/etc

  • Screwed-up relationships

  • Dark humor

  • Ill-fated romances

  • Awkward sex

  • Bittersweet endings

There's nothing I particularly despise aside from the usual squicks (scat, watersports, etc.), but if you're really into finding out my specific dislikes, you could look at what I've said in previous letters, all publicly available on this lj.

Now on to the fandom-specific stuff:

Shadow of a Doubt (1943)​
Damn, I love this movie. Isn't it amazing to think that in 1943 they made a movie with blatant incestuous undertones and got away with it? People never believe me when I tell them this.

Anyhow, a few ideas for you: I'm not ashamed to say that I ship the Charlies and would adore anything you wrote about their relationship, whether it's UST or full-on resolved awesomeness. Fix-it fic? Sure, go for it. A fic that's as dark as the movie if not darker? Equally awesome. It doesn't have to be fluffy - in the film, their relationship is definitely unhealthy, so feel free to make note of that and go somewhere with it. Specifically, you could write something pre-canon. How did the Charlies get to this deep level of devotion to each other? Did it happen suddenly, or did it develop over a period of years? If incest isn't your style, I'd be interested in a story that explores their relationship in a non-romantic way, or a story that involves the rest of the family, who are all very colorful characters in their own right (particularly Ann, who is my favorite).

The Master (2012)
I was very surprised to find that fanfic doesn't exist for this yet. The whole movie is so vague that it begs to be written about. And how about that weird sexual tension between Freddie and Dodd, y/y? Maybe the problem is that no one has watched this. Writer, if you're interested, it's on Netflix Instant (at least for the moment).

Of course I ship them. I wouldn't be surprised if Paul Thomas Anderson shipped them a little bit too. It's okay if you don't ship them like I do, though. Honestly, any fic at all for this movie would be great. If possible, I'd like something that's as crazy and non-linear and vague as the film itself. A few ideas to get you started: That song "No Other Love." It plays after Freddie rides away on his motorcycle and Dodd is crying out in anguish. I feel that on a spiritual level, and anything about that song or that scene would be beautiful. Also, "Slow Boat to China." Why that song? Why did he sing at all? Perhaps a fic where Freddie and Dodd are literally (or figuratively?) on a slow boat to China, all alone? (Canon divergence is totally fine, btw.)

There Will Be Blood
Hey, look, another Paul Thomas Anderson film, which is also on Netflix Instant at the moment (if you're interested)! I love this beautiful, slow, dark, unapproachable movie slightly more than I love The Graduate and slightly less than I love The Third Man.

Yes, I requested Daniel and Eli. Yes, I ship them. No, I'm not going to beg you to write something shippy about them because I know that's an incredibly difficult task that would probably call for more than a few stomach-turning tropes. Unless you're feeling more lighthearted about it, in which case I would enjoy a few bad milkshake puns. If you don't ship it, perhaps you could write an argument including some high-quality insults back and forth, or you could try to fill some of the many holes Paul Thomas Anderson left in the story. What does Eli do while he's away from Little Boston with his radio preaching business? What happens to Daniel after he kills Eli? What does Daniel say to Eli after the baptism? (Watch from about 3:34 to 3:42).

Again, thank you so much for writing for me. :D


Apr. 23rd, 2014

Dear Fic Mountain Writer

Dear Fic Mountain Writer,
Thank you in advance for writing me a story! Although I am rather internet-shy and would not consider myself part of "fandom," I participated in the most recent Yuletide exchange and had a wonderful experience both reading and writing. I have faith that I will enjoy this exchange as well.

Generally, I am very easy to please. I tend to lean toward slash pairings and angst, but I can enjoy a wide range of ratings, pairings, and genres as long as it is well-written and well-thought-out. On many occasions, I simply appreciate that a work exists in one of my fandoms of interest, which are almost always fandoms of one (or two, or three on a good day), and I especially appreciate creative takes on those fandoms. If you are interested in learning more about what I like to read, feel free to check out last year's Yuletide letter and my AO3 bookmarks.

I have few squicks, and they are all typical (mpreg, watersports, scat). Incest and non-con/dub-con don't bother me too much as long as they are handled with caution and make sense with the characters' relationship dynamics. I don't have an issue with extreme violence or major character death either, as long as it fits the situation.

Rick Blaine, Louis Renault
My love for this movie and the fics I've read about it is honestly beyond words. I can't think of a film with a better combination of humor, romance, melodrama, and musical numbers. I personally ship Rick/Louis, but I would love any story about them, romantic or platonic. Their banter never fails to amuse me, even though I listen to the same banter every time I watch the movie. I'd be interested in reading about their pre-canon adventures in Casablanca and the general goings-on of the cafe before Ilsa arrived. Similarly, you might write about Rick and Louis post-canon, such as their adventures with the Free French in Brazzaville (if you are historically inclined) or perhaps their eventual return to the cafe and their observations of the changes that have occurred during their absence.

Citizen Kane
Charles Foster Kane, Jed Leland
I requested this for Yuletide last year and wrote an extensive rant-paragraph about it, so I plan to rant less in this letter. You might be wondering why I'm requesting it again. I attempted at least three times to write about the relationship between Jed and Charlie, approaching it from a different angle each time, and I always fell flat on my face. Therefore, if you choose not to write for this fandom, I completely understand. If you're feeling brave, I'd love anything that deals with these two characters, either during the happy early days of the newspaper or during the more angsty times around Kane's campaign for governor and after. I suppose angst lends itself to Citizen Kane, since it's not the world's happiest film, so excessive sadness and pining would make sense here. Secretly (or not so secretly) Charlie/Jed is the ship of my soul, so anything dealing with a romance between them would make me happy, although keeping it platonic would work as well.

Sunset Boulevard
Norma Desmond, Joe Gillis
I've only seen this movie once, but it left quite an impression on me. I've read some fascinating fics dealing with Norma Desmond and Max von Mayerling, but I'd love to read one about the twisted, codependent relationship between Norma and Joe. While watching the film, I noticed that although Joe always seems to be trying to get away from Norma, he flees a party when he hears that she has attempted suicide again, suggesting his dependence on her in addition to her obvious dependence on him. If you're up for it, I'd like a story that's absolutely bizarre and disturbing. This is a situation where I could see non-con/dub-con or extreme violence happening plausibly. If you don't feel like it, I'd still love any story about their relationship.

There Will Be Blood
Daniel Plainview, Eli Sunday
Another intense, disturbing movie (I must be into those). I think when I first watched this, I tried not to ship Daniel and Eli, simply because it seemed so obvious, but I eventually gave in. This is another fandom where I could see non-con/dub-con or extreme violence happening, but I would just as much enjoy some weird fix-it fic where Daniel doesn't beat Eli to death with a bowling pin. Also welcome: puns about oil and milkshakes, forever. A funny fic or a serious fic would please me equally for this fandom. Just go crazy; I'm sure you'll write something awesome!

Again, thank you for writing me a story. It means so much to me!

Much love and appreciation,

Oct. 14th, 2013

Dear Yuletide Writer 2013

Dear Writer,
Thanks so much for writing me something! *hugs you from across the Internet* This is my first year doing Yuletide, and I'm both excited and nervous.

Looking to stalk me? If yes, I am flattered, but I'm not sure what to tell you. This livejournal is rather empty, since I only made it so I'd have somewhere to put this letter. I don't really have anywhere else to direct you. If you want a list of fic recs to give you an idea of what I like, leave an anonymous comment or something and I'll post one.

As you can see, the fandoms I chose all happen to be films, since I watch them obsessively, much to the annoyance of everyone I know. I hope you like films as much as I do. For all of them, I would prefer slash, though gen fic is lovely too if you're more comfortable with that. I prefer character-driven stories to heavily plotted stories. The beauty of the words, the flow of the phrases, and the images presented are more important to me than the plot. I love bittersweet endings, ill-fated romances, characters struggling with their sexuality, characters struggling with life in general, imagery, symbolism, allusions, introspection, character studies, and poignant dialogue. Although I prefer darker fic, I also have a sense of humor and can enjoy more upbeat stories. And yes, porn is fine; porn with (some) plot is better. I'm not a fan of high school AUs, non-con, kidfic, fluff, or mpreg, although it would be hilarious to see you try to fit that into any of these fandoms. But seriously, no mpreg. I'm just teasing you, stranger.

2001: A Space Odyssey
The first time I watched this, it was to make a point. Even after several repeat viewings since then, Hal's death scene still gives me chills. For a long time after I watched 2001 the first time, it confused me that the most human character was a computer. More than any other character in the film, Hal had feelings and motivations and hopes and dreams. How screwed up and beautiful is that? I'd like a story where he somehow falls in love with Dave. You could leave the events of the film as they are but have it so his unrequited love for Dave drives all his actions (killing Frank and the others, etc.) or you could have a canon-divergent AU where Dave falls for him too and they travel the stars together and talk about life and the meaning of the universe. If the slash thing makes you uncomfortable, keeping it platonic works for me. I'd just love something that examines their relationship in more detail because, let's face it, the film is neither character-driven nor plot-driven: it's Kubrick-driven.

The Breakfast Club
I have only cried at two movies: Inception and The Breakfast Club. The latter, my request, is one of the most accurate representations of adolescence I've ever seen —funny and sad and altogether melodramatic. I'd love a fic that elaborates on Allison and Claire's relationship post-canon. While I'd prefer femslash, friendship fic is fine. Maybe Claire tries to ignore Allison on Monday, but then Allison goes and finds her and talks to her and convinces her to hang out sometime. I love their dynamic, what with Claire being prissy and Allison having so much attitude. You know, out of all the Breakfast Club fic I've read, I've never found any Allison/Claire porn. If you're feeling brave, go for it. I will seriously love you forever, no matter how it turns out.

This one time, my girlfriend and I got in an argument, and we didn't talk for a week. I ended up buying a copy of Casablanca and watching it several times that week. Ever since, it's been a comfort to me, in spite of all its bittersweetness. Notice that the two characters who walk off into the sunset together are not Rick and Ilsa but Rick (Ricky?) and Louis. Don't feel pressured to write porn for this one, unless you want to, since, surprisingly, there's plenty of it in existence. I'd enjoy hearing about Louis and Ricky's exciting post-canon adventures and developing romance. Something where they travel the world together and meet people and reminisce about their lives and grow closer as friends and as lovers. If you'd like to involve other characters from the film that I didn't nominate, feel free.

Citizen Kane
I was that one kid in my eleventh grade American Lit class who actually enjoyed Citizen Kane. While it may not be The Best Film Ever (I can think of some that are better), it will always hold a special place in my heart because it sparked my love of classic film. It also sparked my love of ruining classic films for other people by trying to convince them that two characters are obviously into each other. In this case, the characters in question are Charlie and Jedediah, as they refer to each other. More than anything, I'd like a canon-divergent AU in which Jed answers the letter. You know the letter I'm talking about? If you don't, let me explain. It's kind of a minor canonical detail. When Thompson is interviewing Jed, Jed mentions that Kane wrote him a letter about five years back, but he never answered it. The imaginary answer to this letter can have whatever effect on Jed and Kane's relationship that you'd like, but I'd like it if somehow Jed ended up moving into Xanadu after Susan leaves. Romance follows, and death is okay. Additionally, what was in Kane's letter? If you don't like that idea, you could write about their adventurous school days; or fun times at the Inquirer (did I mention/did you remember that Kane has a bed in his office?); or slightly more innocent fun times at the Inquirer, involving conversations with Bernstein or the others.

The Third Man
When I say there are films better than Citizen Kane, I mostly mean this one (and Shadow of a Doubt, but that's irrelevant since I failed to nominate it). Once again, I am asking for slash between characters played by Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten. I guess I have a thing for them. If you need some inspiration, watch the scene that takes place on the giant wheel again. Among all the talk of death and betrayal, I catch so much flirtation. Or try the scene with Harry Lime's first appearance. The look on Holly's face when he realizes who's standing there is priceless. You could write about Holly and Harry's pre-canon adventures, which in the film are so often mentioned and yet so seldom described. Or a fic where Holly writes something that is somehow inspired by Harry, either while they're still around each other or when they're apart or after Harry dies for real. In keeping with the bleakness of the film and the slashiness of my desires, you could write about Holly's thoughts as he chases Harry, his beloved, through the sewers and eventually shoots him.

Again, thanks for writing me something. You're a brave person.

Much love and appreciation,